I want to fish lures in Jordan harbour for pike and bass. Any spot suggestions and are there any lures/ colors that work well.

Posted on June 11th, 2021

Jordan Harbour has pretty murky water.

vibrax spinner

The best lures to cast & retrieve there around the shorelines are an in-line spinner like a Vibrax #3 or a Jointed Rapala #11 in a bright orange color. You can use any color of Vibrax spinner since they give off a lot of vibration going through the water. Chartreuse or black blade will work best in the turbid water. Cast it our and reel it in slowly but still fast enough for the blades to rotate

Jointed Rapala Pike

Fish the Jointed Rapala slowly in shallower water or around any weeds just below the surface or deeper in slightly deeper water. The “broken-body” action also produces a lot of vibration which works great for both species in turbit waters…God bless you.

Make sure to check the fishing videos on our Italo Labignan YouTube channel and if you have any questions just email them to me at Ask Italo throughout our website.

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