I use Rapala since over 35 year and now i past the winter in Florida i Want to to now what is the best lures to fish in salt water , from shore and pier Thank You Alain Ps excuse my english French SpeakinkName: AlainE-mail address: alainbeauchamp@outlook.com Phone number: 450 280 0096

Posted on July 25th, 2016

Hi Alain, Your English is good. I wish my French was as good as your English!! I also enjoy fishing in Florida throughout the year. There are many Rapalas that work well in saltwater for a variety of fish from shore and from piers. If you are shore fishing I would encourage you to try the following:


-beach/outlet-inlet casting for Jack Cravelle, Snook, Spanish Mackerel & Bluefish. Best lures to cast there are: Rapala Skitter V in chrome color (work it fast on the surface especially if the sea is calm will work well for all above species and especially for snook on the inter-coastal side of inlets/outlets), & the X-Rap Long Cast deep & shallow minnow in the 4 3/4″ length. By the way, the best time to cast for big snook from shore is at night.

-walking out from shore on shallow falts to reach 2-4′ channels or grass beds for Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout, Snook, Jack Crevelle, Spanish Mackerel & Bluefish. The top lure to “twitch” is teh new X-Rap Twitching Mullet in the 3 1/8″ size. You can also do well casting the C-Rap Long Cast Shallow Minnow and the Skitter V in the red ghost color.

As you know, timing is everything and in saltwater tides are important. You will have the best fishing on the first 3 hrs of a “flood” tide (water coming in from the Gulf), and on the first 3hrs of a “Ebb” tide (water going back to the Gulf).

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