I seen the Seabreeze boats on a boating show… I was really impressed. See ya have a 19ft WT. I like the 19 ft cuddyas it would be able to take bigger waves. We have an 16ft Arima boat. They go from 15 to 22 fters. Our 16ft is an Sea Explorer it can sleep 2 in the cuddy with ease this boat has a 7.6 beam !!! They are also very very well constructed. The wife I were on the Fraser River with a very heavy NW wind plus the tide was pushing up river. The waves were about 3 fters then as we went down river they got larger more forceful…literally they got to be 5.56 fters. Plus the waves were steep close together. Up the wave we went as we came over the wave the boat literally nose dived or dropped…the wife in the cuddy…had her body fly up 68inches off the bed as the boat dropped off the wave. Fortunately this Arima boat are light have nice wide bows deep side chines. These boats are very stable. Anyways we got more to the middle of the river where the waves dropped back down to 3 fters. Also the other day we my dad Iwere at Sandheads mouth of the Fraser R a heavy steady SE wind started so the waves were 3.5 fters hitting our starboard side…then large seiners purse nets had an openning in Georgia Straight as the Socyeye run this yrs is est. at 30 odd million unheard of for 15 yrs or so… Anyways these seiners full of fish are powering up river so their 3.5 wake waves are colliding into the wind waves thus the waves as they hit churned up into like 4.5 5ft type of one. so our little 16 fter really was bouncing at a weird angles. These Arimas are not a deep V so one has to slow up when the waves are big. We were doing 5mph tops…they are a very very safe boat in the rough weather but ya have so slow down as mentioned. They are beautiful boats believe me. But the Seabreeze boats have really impressed me as with the semi dis. hull plus the keal …it looks to be a very very stable boat the hull will cut through the waves with its type of design thus one can motor faster in the 3.5 fters …plus the boat always stays on plane which is great. two great boats Arima the Seabreeze. We got ours just north of Seattle Everett Wa. on the I5 hwy. A used 1996 with a 60 2 stroke Merc. for 9000 US…It was 14000 then he dropped the price to 9999…when I saw it on the net. We offered 9000 the owner said YES. We put our near new Yamaha 40 hp 4 stroke on it the boat still planes out nicely!!! We took out the big built in tank just use portables basically we go out for a day use 1 portable worth of fuel ! We also have a 4hp Yamaha kicker. So Italo God bless you in Jesus name. I think you are a believer in Jesus. Im not crazy but in 1977 I even had a demon or maybe the devil himself enter my bedrm. aprox 3:30 am on a Sat. Thank God it was invisible but it was at the corner of my room but it had such a powerful evil presence. Like evil x 1000. I was very afraid but I had to do something…plus the evil at a walking speed was coming closer to my bed. I said In the Name of Jesus get out of here Praise God the evil just quickly flew out of my room. I dont know how I know but I sensed it go in a west direction out through the window area. So we have authority over the devil when we use the name of Jesus.Ephesians 6:10 on tells it as it is. Changing the subjuct I am going to have to try to use a dipsy diver that ya used on your show. We have one down rigger thus the diver would do well for the other rod. Kept up the great work. By the way there is a book about Ernie Hollands …a crimal who found Jesus. The book is called HOOKED by Ernie Hollands. In prison he made over 75 thousand fish flies the quality was so good that sporting goods shops bought them. Ernie was on 100 Huntley St tv show as a guest …he has died but his widow who lives in London Ont. has a prison ministry. Check out the web…Hebron Ministries in Canada…by chance there is another Hebron Ministry but it is totally a different one in the USA no connection So just to let ya know I really really am impressed by the Seabreeze boats 19fter if I come into some money somehow Id really like to get one. I know they are made in Newfoundland but have a dealer in Ontario. Sadly there is no dealers out west…maybe one day. With the really rough waters we get out here at times they definately would be a great boat. They would be a boat of choice Im sure by many British Columbians if they became well known. I kinda give good reviews on some local forums for the Arima boat…as my web name is arimaBOATER … in 3 yrs more more BC folks are buying Arimas…getting more popular up in our parts. Arimas are very popular in Washington Oregon States…they are made just outside of Seattle. Again God bless to you family Sincerely in Christ Al age 55

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Al…Sounds like you have had some real adventures on he water and that you love the Lord. I have used www.seabreezeboats.ca boats on the Great Lakes in very rough conditons and 20-miles off the coast of Newfoundland in the open Atlantic and I can tell you they are the safest and driest boats I have ever been in my 25-yrs. of doing TVv shows throughout the world. They are not expensive. I think the 19-foot boat retails for around 11,000-15,000. They perform extremely well even with lower horsepower. My 19′ Seabreeze was powered by a 90 hp., 4-stroke Yamaha and it ran at 45 mph, fully rigged and with 4-persons in the boat. Even in high waves, you don’t get wet!!! I would really encourage you to email the owner, Glen Meadus at, fibreglassworks@nf.aibn.com …God bless you and your family also, Italo

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