I see “fish tailers” for sale at Bass Pro. Any experience with these devices on northern pike. It seems like they may help for fishing “selfies”. ie. taking pictures of a big pikes length …. alone….., without removing it from the water.

Posted on March 10th, 2016

Hi Larry, fish tailers have been used for decades to land Atlantic Salmon in Europe and even for large saltwater fish.  Not sure if they are legal in Ontario. You would be wise to check the Ontario Sportfishing Regulations to see if they are legal.


In my opinion, for catch & release (and for photos),, the best way to land large fish like big lakers, musky and pike is to use a catch & release cradle.  Keep the fish in the water, and if you want a picture, best to have someone else take it while you suspend the fish horizontally over the cradle for just a few seconds.  I think holding a fish vertically up-side-down with a lot of pressure on their vertebrae and caudal peduncle can do harm.

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