I saw a show that was fimed in Dunnville ON. In it you were catching giant catfish. I am going to go to try fishing for them this summer. Where exactly wre you fishing and what was the name of the bait shop that you were promoting.

Posted on April 11th, 2009

Hi Barry…The best time to fish for channel catfish throughout southern Ontario is May/June when they enter channels, narrows and tributaries to spawn. In summer they disperse throughout a large body of water and can be very difficult to catch. You can fish for them during the day or at night since they rely heavily on their sense of smell. Catfish will eat almost anything, but the best bait for large channel catfish is to use a large chunk of baitfish that is common in their waters. In our case we were using chunks of white sucker and gizzard shad right on the bottom with a live-bait rig, or with a slip-bobber rig. You can fish right at the base of the Dunnville Dam, or you can fish the bends that are down-stream. Another hot-spot is to fish under the Hwy.#3 bridge on the east side of Grand Island (the Grand River splits into a “Y” as it goes around Grand Island). The baitshop in Dunnville, ON is, Fishmaster Bait & Tackle who also operates charters and guides on the Grand for a variety of fish including channel catfish. You can check them out by going to, www.fishmasterultimatecharters.com/Store.html. ….God bless you, Italo

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