I recently purchased a new fishing boat it has a hummingbird helix 5 with gps but no down image. Can’t seem to be able to identify any fish on screen not sure what am looking at. Any help would be awesome thanks

Posted on August 25th, 2018

Humm, fish on any high-quality fishfinder set on “conical-sonar” (fishfinder mode), or DownVision like on the Raymarine units will mark fish as either streaks (fish are moving and a part of the fish passes under the sonar sound cone), or hooks (if you go over stationary fish completely that is not moving).


The above shows a classic baitfish school suspended in the mid water column.

bass structure break

Above is a clear example of fish laying just inches off the bottom.

bass flat

And a stationary fish holding over a rocky structure, above.

If your sonar is not marking either it could be because the transducer is not angled right, or there is an issue with the “gain-setting”, or another issue with your sonar.

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