I love on goulais bay a bay off of Lake Superior…Italo, I cannot catch a Walleye for the life of me….I’ve tried evrything. Weeds, rocks, points, deep shallow….bottom bouncing, downrigging, worm harness, jerk bait…I cannot get a walleye here. Why don’t you bring your boat and help a Veteran out!!

Posted on September 28th, 2015


I have not fished that area on Lake Superior, or in the Goulais Bay/Goulais River for walleye. I have a feeling they are transient fish moving in and out of the bay and in and out off the river seasonally. I think your best bet would be to troll for them using an electric trolling motor and a lure like the Rapala Husky Jerk #14 at dusk and after dark in the vicinity of the river mouth. As you probably know, walleye make a fall migration to feed to the same areas they go to in the spring to spawn.

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