I live in Brighton Ontario and I chase the walleye into deeper water until they almost totally gone on the Trenton side of the Bay of Quinte. I know they exit through the Murray Canal to Lake Ontario and are gone until around September October, where do they go? This is when I musky fish, I make my own glide baits. Where is a decent place to musky fish near me? I fish mostly ,trent river, moira tweed, Where can I find walleye in decent numbers in the summer. how far north do I have to drive? I once fished long lake in Longlac and I want to experience that kind of fish presence without driving 12 hours. I could ask questions all day. I used to pretend to have my own fishing show when I was young, I am 36 have been a fan for allot of years. I seen you guys in Trenton fishing once a long time ago and I was too shy to say hello. Cheers.

Posted on July 7th, 2015


Thank you for your kind words. Hope you still enjoy watching out TV shows. Now you can watch them whenever you want on our Italo Labignan YouTube channel. If you subscribe to our channel you get notifications every time we post a new TV show or tip!

Ok, now to answer your questions. One of the top lakes in your area to catch musky is Crow Lake. Check it out, it is good! The large mature walleye do mostly leave the Upper Bay of Quinte (from Trenton to Deseronto, ON), and head out to the Lower Bay and feed at Hayward Longreach, Adolphus Reach and many even cruise the St. Lawrence and all of Lake Ontario to feed heavily, than returning in the fall to prepare for their spring spawning.

You can have excellent walleye fishing all summer long in the Upper Bay of Quinte from Belleville to Northport. Big Bay is one of the best spots to fish for them. I just cast a Rapala Tail Dancer #9 along the weedbeds/weedlines in 7-12′ of water and do very well in July/Aug.

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