I like your Ocean Kayak. I have the same one. I am looking to mount a fishfinder on mine 385ci but I noticed your fishfinder has a sun shield. It looks like it was moulded in. Are there any sunshield products that you could recommend that I could use with my yak and the mounting of the Humminbird 385ci. Awesome show btw! I am so looking forward to yaking at the channels in Long Point for spring crappie and offshore on calm days on L.Erie for perch. Tight lines!

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Peter….I think you are going to really enjoy fishing from your kayak…I do!! I don’t know of any after-market “sun-shields”, but you could probably rig something up yourself. I also think you can mount your Humminbird right to the top of the kayak even though you don’t have a moulded area specifically for it. The transducer can be easily glued to the inside-bottom of the kayak with 5 min. epoxy (it will shoot the sound waves right through the hull). You just have to make sure that it’s mounted in the centre of the kayak so that the sounds shoots down as close to 90-degrees as possible to the bottom….God bless you, Italo

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