I like using soft plastic baits and one of my goals this summer is to catch Large and/or smallmouth on a skirted jig and craw trailer. There are a lot of colours out there.How does the colour of a craw change with the seasons? What are some colors i should be thinking of?I live and fish around the GTA.

Posted on April 26th, 2018

Hi Gilbert, a “flippin’jig” and trailer is one of the top lures to catch big bass, especially for largemouth from heavy cover and smallmouth off weeds and rocky structure. The color of skirted jig and trailer is not so much dependent on the season as it is on the water clarity. Early in the year lakes tend to be clearer since water temps are colder, weeds are growing . Later in the season as water temps. reach the 80’s, there are often algae blooms, weed growth is at it’s maximum and vegetation even starts to die and particles suspend in the water. For clear water conditions natural colors work best like crawdad, pumpkin-seed and motor-oil. Trailers can match the colors of the jigs/skirts. When water is turbid black and purple produces a silhouette that fish can detect much better than the light, natural colors. Often anglers will use a black/purple or both for the jig/skirt color and a high-contrasts trailer line black with a chartreuse tail, or completely chartreuse.

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