I just caught a few nice walleyes first time ever and their beautiful gold color was better than I imagined. Anyways, I got them on a white grub with a “single tail” which appears popular all over, but what about the “double tail” grubs for walleye? By the way, you were right about the speed of retrieve. I actually reeled in very fast and got hits. Opposite of what I thought walleye would prefer, truly thank you Italo!

Posted on October 17th, 2016

Hi Dako, Glad the speed worked to produce walleye. It sounds like they were probably active which means they liked the fast retrieve. White twister-tail grubs are always a good presentation.


The double-twister tail is usually fished slower so that it looks like something crawling along the bottom. You may also want to experiment fishing some 3″ swimbaits the same retrieve speed that produced the walleye for you. Good ones to use are the Lunker City SwimFish and Shaker…God bless you.

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