I ice fish on a shallow lake with 25 feet at the deepest and only youngs point has a rocky drop off – But there are so many people there – the rest of the lake is a swamp = should I try where the creek flows out or flows in? – But the water is only like 3-6 feet deep over there -I catch Jackfish there But I want to catch some walleye – Where should I try I;m getting tired of only atching Jacks

Posted on February 17th, 2017

Hi Dean, I think you will have better luck finding the walleye if you find a flat (an area that is the same water depth for some distance), close to the deepest part of the lake in the 10-25′ depth.


Walleye like to feed on these flats during the winter time since most of the baitfish and smaller panfish move into deeper water as the vegetation in the shallows dies and uses up oxygen.

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