I hope you can answer a guestion. We are a group in Mohawk Bay Park on Bay of Quinte. Last season, for the first time we saw massive baitballs in August. We saw them from Glennora to Big Bay in the Shannonville area. We disagree on the makeup of the baitballs. Do you think it is shad?……and on a personal note, where the heck can a guy still buy shad taps…….I really enjoy uour posts.

Posted on November 27th, 2021

Tough to say what the baitfish you marked were. They could be immature Gizzard Shad, shiners, or other baitfish. Tough to know unless you hooked one.

With regards to purchasing Shad Raps, best to contact Normark Canada,  in Oshawa that distribute them. They should be able to tell you where to find them.

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