I have recently moved to North Central BC and want to fish for Lake trout. I don\’t have a down rigger setup and want to know what sort of a set up (in detail) I can use to get my line down to depths of 40-80 feet.

Posted on December 30th, 2007

Hi Ian….Lake trout can cruise suspended, or near the bottom (depending on time of year, water temperature and location of available food-fish).  Most dedicated lake trout anglers will troll for lake trout during the open-water season.  There are many trolling presentations that you can use to get your lures at the depths you desire.  You you can use stainless-steel, copper, or lead-core line (www.cortlandline.com ),with a counter-reel to get even the lightest spoons, Rapalas or streamers to the desired depth.  For example for every 10-yds. of lead-core line you let out, it sinks about 5\’.  If you don\’t have a couter-reel, you can still use the lead-core line effectively because the manufacturer color-codes the line be making each 10-yds. a different color.  Most people will spool-up about 50-yds. of 30 lb. test braided-line (8 lb. monofilmament diameter), than add 60-100 yds. of lead-core line, and than add about a 50\’ 12-20 lb. test lead of fluorocarbon line.  If you don\’t want to use a sinking line, you can use a diving-device to get your lures/bait down.  Luhr Jensen (www.luhrjenson.com ), offers angers a Dipsey Diver which can be set to dive streight down, or down and out to one or the other side of the boat.  When a fish hit\’s, the diving-device releases allowing hte angler to reel the fish in.  They also produce two additional devices, one is a Jet Diver, and the other a PInk Lady.  Again, these devices help to get lures “streight-down” to the desired depth.  The simplest way to get your lures down is to troll with various size “in-line” sinkers.  You can add the weights to monofilament line, or use a braided line (will get the lure down quicker).  For example, if you troll with a lead of 100\’ of 30 lb. test braided line and add a 1 oz. sinker, a fluttering spoon can be trolled between 2-3 miles per hour about 40\’ down.  Lastly, www.cannondowriggers.com , offers anglers “portable” , manual downriggers that are very affordable and can be used on canoes and small allumium boats.  I have even taken them with me to the N.W.T., and can confirm that they work very well….God bless you, Italo

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