I have just found some shiny brass snap swivels that I guess were bought long a go. They seem in good condition, but the thing is I have always used black before. Do you think the brass color might make a difference? May be it will attract fish may be scare them, may be pike will bite them directly lol Thank you!

Posted on November 30th, 2016

Hi Dako, good question. If the water is murky, the  brass will actually be less visible than the black (black is the lack of color and casts a good silhouette). If you are using a larger lure like a metal casting spoon or spinner, the gold snap-swivel can indeed add to the flash.


But, if you are fishing a more “finesse” presentation with a smaller minnow lure or soft-plastic bait, the bright snap-swivel can interfere with the action and look unnatural to the fish.


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