I fish the kawarthas for musky. This year I have had a lot of follows and was wondering your advice on helping these fish commit. Also, do you think the kawartha species are much different than the nippising type? Thanks, Chad.

Posted on June 25th, 2015



When casting for musky follows usually means the musky are not feeding aggressively, or not convinced by the presentation. Experiment with retrieve speed, jerking presentation and fishing shallower/deeper in the water column. If casting always use a figure “8” at the boat just in case you have a follow and as a follow-up to the figure “8”, have a rod ready with a heavy jig/plastic swim-bait like the Storm Live series to also use as a secondary follow up and fish the area where you spotted the follow thoroughly.


Musky in the Kawartha’s and Nipissing are the same species, but can have different feeding habits/depths depending on forage they are feeding on and location.

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