I am very curious to know why most every boat or similar watercraft has the steering wheel located on the right hand side (Starboard) of the vessel instead the left side (Port) as in North American automobiles? Is there some some sort of navigational issue in play here or historical significance ? What is the reasoning?Sincerely,Calvin

Posted on May 28th, 2016

Hi Calvin, possibly has to do with the original, older power boats where the lighter boats would slightly “rise” out of the water on the right due to the 50 lb. propeller torque to the right (starboard), side.


Propellers turn clockwise and generate that torque. Today all larger outboards have a “tab” that can be adjusted for prop-torque right on the cavitation plate. This may have been the origin, and than they just kept installing the steering on the right side. I have used Allison Bass Boats that have had the steering wheel in the middle to keep the driver and passenger balanced in the boat at high-speed. Most high-speed racing boats have  the steering wheel and driver in the center……God bless you.

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