I am seriously considering the River Hawk- Seahawk 180 like you used on your show. Good for Northwest Fishing I do. I have a question concerning the placement of your trolling motor batteries. Did you locate them in the bow or in the back. I have talked to 2 different dealers and one said each of the 2 ways I mentioned. I am also going to get a 9.9 kicker. Not sure if that will make a difference.Watch you shows on You Tube. Really enjoy them.thanks for any input.

Posted on November 12th, 2015

Thank you for your email and your kind words. The River Hawk is an excellent built boat that is very versatile and can be fished comfortably in big-water (like the Great Lakes & Ocean), and also an excellent river-running boat for anglers that want to equip them with a jet-drive.


In the boat I used in the shows I had the 2-deep cycle trolling motor batteries installed at he bow, just ahead of the consul of the boat. That area is entirely open and it is relatively easy to make the install as far back as possible but to stil be under the consul. This worked well since the leads were short to the electric and balanced the boat fine. It also ran fine at higher speeds. I also had an “on-board” battery charger installed under the starboard consul for easy electric motor battery charging.   Any substantial weight that is added to a boat under 20’ can effect it’s “attitude” when lying motionless and also when running. If the bow is too heavy, it will be trickier to match the right propeller and outboard depth-setting to enable for proper “bow-lift” at faster speeds (minimizing boat-drag).  The transom is normally the widest width of a boat and the most stable area in a boat. Transoms can support additional weight and it is not as critical as having too much weight in the bow. Bow-lift is important not just for running at higher speeds, but also when fishing and especially if 2-people are also standing at the front using the electric in wavy conditions. If the bow is too heavy, it will have difficulty “bobbing” back up when fishing in rougher conditions to avoid some water coming over the bow. This goes for any boat.

Hope this info. helps. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send them. Hope you have a great season and that you enjoy your new boat!….God bless you, Italo

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