I am going to MashkInonje Lodge already this July long weekend and did well in the Pike department but this september for 3 days I am going back up do you have any hot spots for Pickerel and bass and some of you favourite lures to use for Pick,Bass and Pickerel.

Posted on August 18th, 2019

Hi Anthony, some of the best walleye fishing will be just to the left of the lodge in the 12-25′ break and right a round the corner from Mashkinonje Lodge bottom-bouncing 1 1/4 oz bottom walkers with either a “slow-death hook or worm harness rig & nightcrawler”. The key is to fish the break so it will help to have a fishfinder with a hydrographic chart and to troll between 1-2mph within 1-2′ of the bottom…God bless you.

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