I am going to fish at Lake Diefenbaker the 2nd week of September. I would like to flyfish for rainbow trout. I know what to use in small Alberta lakes, but am wondering about flyies and techniques on this large Saskatchewan lake. Could you please advise.

Posted on August 23rd, 2018

In the fall when water temperatures are colder, the rainbows there will cruise into shallower water along shorelines. I don’t know if 2nd week in Sept. will be cold enough, rainbows may still be deeper and scattered. End of Oct. would probably be a better time to target them in shallower water. At that time you will need to use a sinking line, or a sink-tip line with streamers like the Egg Sucking Leech pattern streamer. You can cast these to shallow structure like points, shorelines and channels inlets, etc., or you can troll them to cover more water.

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