I am fishing Algonquin and I was wondering what the best brook brown and lake trout lures are for fishing from shore

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Kyle…In the summer time, most lakes warm up and both brook and lake trout move off-shore to deeper water. I know of no lakes in Algonquin that have brown trout in them, just brook and lake trout. You can catch both species form shore, but it will be best to fish steep-dropping shorelines where you can cast far enough to reach water that is 30-70′ deep. Brook trout can tolerate warmer temperatures than lake trout and you can catch them near the surface, especially if they are chasing either schools of baitfish suspended over deeper water, but closer to the surface, or aquatic-stages of insects that are rising to the surface and hatching into airborne insects. One of my favorite ways of catching both brook & lake trout from shore in the summer time is to cast either a Luhr Hensen Cast Champ in the 1/2 oz./2″ size, http://www.luhrjensen.com/luhr-jensen/lures/spoons/cast-champ/Cast+Champ.html , or the Luhr Jensen Crippled Herring spoon in the 1/2 oz/1 5/8″, and Cerise color, http://www.rapala.com/luhr-jensen/lures/spoons/crippled-herringandreg/Crippled+Herring.html?start=4&cgid=luhrjensen-lures-spoons . Both of these spoons cast far and sink fast. I found the best way to fish them for trout is to use them to cover the different depths to find out where the trout are cruising/feeding. So, cast out, let the spoons sink for for a few seconds and than reel it in with a “jigging-action”, making the spoon flash from side to side and also “flutter” on the in-between drop. The trout will usually hit it while it is “fluttering’ towards the bottom. Eventually let it sink all the way to the bottom in deeper water and fish it back to shore with the same action. Be careful to reel in faster as you get shallower so you don’t get the spoon stuck on the bottom. The other lure you can use is the Rapala Countdown in the #3 or #5 & #7, but let it sink to the bottom before reeling it in slow so that it swims deep. Lastly, you can fish a sliding-sinker rig with bait and fish it along the bottom….God bless you, Italo

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