Hu hterer happy new year . I have a question about the use of corn while fishing for pearch crappie etc. Does the corn break down inside the stomach if not does the fish spit it out. Please dont think Im wierd but as a person who loves to fish Im concerned about my choose of baits and the impact the use of such baits has on the wild and stocked fish. I have been known to use corn and marsmellos while fishin gfor trout and Bass as well as pearch. Best wishes for the year ahead and keepup the work of spreading facts and know how to the adults but also to the fishers of the future

Posted on January 26th, 2010

Hi Tim….I know that trout cannot digest corn, and I have a feeling that most fish can’t either. That means that if they cannot digest it, it accumulates in their stomach and must be “passed-whole”. For smaller fish this would be similar to us “passing” pin-pong balls….ouch! I don’t think you are weird at all, you should be concerned about the bait you are using and the effect it may have on fish. Personally, I think that anglers can use many kinds of bait which is natural and not harmful to fish…God bless you & hope you have a great 2010, Italo

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