How similar are panther martins and blue fox bullet spinners when it comes to action and running depth? They look quite similar on the first glance in the pictures anyways. Thank you Italo!

Posted on August 8th, 2017

Hi Angler, both spinners have a willow-blade that attaches to the spinner shaft without a “clevis”. This means that instead of the blade rotating around the shaft in a consistent manner, it fluctuates and creates an irregular rotation that works well to attract fish. The Vibrax Bullet is 30% heavier than the Classic Vibrax making it ideal of deep or fast water applications. The similarity ends there. The Vibrax Bullet has a bell-body as in the Classic Vibrax line. The Panther Martin has a tear-drop solid lead body.  Both require a faster retrieve speed than the lighter line of spinners and both are excellent fished in current and deeper water.

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