Hi,So is it correct that the best time to go for steelhead is a few days after a big rain when the river is clearing up? Is this also correct for the fall salmon fishing? Also are there any other rivers you recommend other than the Credit River and Bronte Creek for steelhead and salmon and in the fall would a j13 rapala work good in port credit and bronte harbour and in the rivers if presented in front of the salmon?Thanks for all the help!

Posted on April 10th, 2015

Yes, some of the best steelhead fishing is after a rain when the water is high and turbid, and than recedes and start to clear-up. Best steelhead water clarity is 1-2′ visibility. Same goes for fall salmon fishing.  The J13 Rapala will work well in the harbor where the water is deeper when the salmon are “staging” before going up-river. Because the water is much shallower in the river pools & runs, the J13 will not work, best to either use a Luhr Jensen Kwikfish in size #5 or #7, or to drift roe bags. Two other areas that are good to fish for both salmon & steelhead are Port Dalhousie & the Niagara River Whirlpool.

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