Hi your show was great,I was at the show looking for a long term boat purchase of a aluminum boat .Im trying to decide between a welded aluminum boat and a rivited boat.Lund has a good reputation but is rivited and your sponsor g3(lowe)is also rivited,any benifits of welded construction on the water or is it more for appearance and manufacting cost cutting mass production.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Frank…Thank you for your kind words. If an aluminum boat is build properly which includes the right thickness of aluminum, the right hull-reinforcement (superstructure of the boat), the right materials for flooring and transom support, and the proper welding or riveting, it will be a good boat that will withstand twisting, expansion and contraction that occurs in varying surface water condititions. If the aluminum boat is not build properly, it does not matter if it\’s riveted or welded, it will develop problems. Choosing a boat that has a proven track-record and sound history is a good call. Both Lund & G3 have been around for years and have good reputations. The bottom line is that you make the right choice based on your critaria. Try to find out as much information on the boats you are looking at, compare price and talk to people that have used boats made by the same companies for many years and I am sure you will choose the right boat…God bless you, Italo

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