Hi ltalo many of us are glad you do what you do,thank you.My question is about chart speed on my sonar, what do you recommend it should be set at,l fish out of a kayak with a trolling motor .

Posted on September 18th, 2019

Hi Gino, when I’m kayak fishing I usually target bass and pike in smaller lakes and for the most part I am fishing for them along structure breaks and weedlines less than 10′ of water. I use my Raymarine Element more to locate the end of submerged weeds and shallow-water structure where I know fish will be feeding. Normally I don’t mark the fish, just the “McDonald’s” where thy move on and off to feed. Not sure what fish finder you use but most have default settings to increase scroll as speed is increased. I move pretty slow in the kayak so the default screen speed is fine….God bless you.

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