Hi Itlao,First off I absolutely love your show! You have a very enjoyable show as well as it is great to see that you advocate fishing to the younger generations. About my question, I recall seeing you fish a crankbait episode for bass, you talked about your set ups, which included both spinning and baitcasting. You did have braid on both if I recall correctly, what were the actions of the rods? I’m stuck with deciding whether or not to use a medium heavy action baitcasting rod for crankbaits, I always hear that they’ll tear the hooks from the fish’s mouth. Have you experienced loosing much fish with a stiffer rod or with the braid? Thank you! God bless!

Posted on January 27th, 2016

Hi Ashton, thank you for your kind words. Glad to hear you enjoy our TV shows. I do fish a medium-heavy action baitcasting and spinning outfit when I am using hard-baits such as crankbaits with the Sufix 832 braided line. I use 40 lb. braid with my baitcasting reels and 20 or 30 lb. braid with my spinning reels. I also use a 12-20 lb. Sufix Fluorocarbon leader of at least 15-20″ on both.


There is no problem hooking fish effectively using a medium-heavy action outfit if you set the hook properly. When fishing a crankbait you normally reel in continuously (unless you are fishing a stop-and-go presentation around weeds or “slashing/twitching” a minnow-bait. If you have direct contact with your lure (no slack line), the key is not to set the hook when you feel a strike, you set the hook when you feel the fish on. I seldom miss a fish using the medium-heavy outfits. One of my favorite is the Rapala Concept Ti spinning  , & Rapala Concept ti baitcasting outfits.

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