Hi itlalo I ve been thinking of trying to fish some local fishing tournaments but since I never fish one im not sure how to go about it. I read into it a bit and at that recent fishing show cbaf was there and I chatted a bit with them they basically sounded like a pretty good club to Join. I was looking at the simeco anglers chapter. But perhaps you can advise me on how I should go about starting up on tournaments Is it best to join a club like I mentioned as to my understanding u need to be a memeber to participate in the tournments they hold However I also understand there are plenty of local events open to anyone I also read its best to start in a Pro am one to get a feel for it first whats ur thought on that I do own a boat a Lund with A 60 hp merc not a bass boat with a 250 by any means but a decent fishing boat not sure if you an enter with any boat or a bass boat is must to have a shot In any event I would love to get your opinion on the matter and some info on how to get into tournament fishing on a Amauter entry type level . Thanks in advance for your advise and input

Posted on February 21st, 2013

Hi Rob…You don’t necessarily have to join a club, you can just enter tournaments that interest you. I would encourage you to start by fishing more “causal”, 1-day events just to get familiar with competitive fishing. As you get used to competing, than you can go into 2-day tournaments that have a higher entry fee and bigger return for the top 10 finishers. I would wait to fish a Pro-Am until you get a little bit of experience in the 1-day “buddy-tournaments”. The size of your boat is not that important, especially if you are fishing smaller waters (like the Kawartha’s, instead of let’s say Lake Erie). As long as you have a functioning livewell, a 60 hp is fine to get you to the fish. In my tournament fishing days I saw lot’s of smaller boats, even with engines smaller than 60 hp., beat out a lot of big bass boats with big outboards!. I suggest you dialog with Andy Pollota at, bassmania@on.aibn.com..God bless you, Italo

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