Hi Itao ,I’m heading to the Whales Back area on Lake Huron for a week July 24 to 31,do you think th pike fishing will still be good in the bays or will the water be too warm for them. I’m thinking the walleye fishing will be an evening shoal bite. Thanks for your help,God Bless.

Posted on December 12th, 2020

HI Russs, it’s a little too early to second guess. The surface water temperature there in July can vary between 63-75F depending on how late our spring thaw is and June temperatures. I have a feeling the bays will still produce good Pike fishing. You may just have to check and weed/rock areas as well as just shallow rocky structure breaks without weeds to see which pattern will produce.

Walleye should be on the shoals early/late in the day but also check out the rocky points that extend out from shallower bays. They could be cruising in the 10-20′ range there all day long. Good areas to troll either harnesses or crankbiats on the breaks…God bless you.

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