Hi ItalyI certainly appreciate the insight and technique advice offered in your fishing shows!With the steelhead season fast approaching on the Niagara, I was wondering what boat position on the drifts is most beneficial for maximum vertical presentation for anglers in the rear of the boat. Does boat positioning really matter or should a drift at an angle to the current be employed?RegardsCliff

Posted on November 7th, 2019

Hi Cliff, Thank you for your kind words. For effectively bottom-bouncing drifting the Niagara River depending on the wind direction, you will either face the current with your boat (when the wind is from the south/with the current), so that you can slow or speed-up your drift for the lines to be as vertical as possible, or with the current if the wind is against the current (when wind is from the north), so you can keep up with the current to maintain as straight a line down as possible. Anglers fishing from the back just have to keep an eye on your boat control and avoid crossing lines or letting out too much line. I tell people fishing from the back that as soon as they start loosing contact with the bottom, reel-in and re-drop…God bless you.

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