Hi ItaloWhat would you recommend to use for steelhead during Jan-Feb: a spinner or a bead?From the videos I saw on youtube people use float drift rods with the float and beads rather than have a spinning with the spinner. Does it make float drift rod to be s a more productive device?Thank you,Alex

Posted on January 10th, 2016

Both can work, but I would start with a roe bag as my first choice than a bead and lastly artificials like a Vibrax #2 or #3 or a Luhr Jensen Kwikfish in size #5 or#7.


One of your challenges with the cold snap we are going to have this week is tributaries freezing-over. The Niagara River should be OK though and the fishing should be good at the Whirlpool and at the Queenston, ON boat launch.

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