Hi Italo,Welland River question: I live in Welland, just bought 14 Ft alum boat last year and want to start fishing here. I never have, just the lake and up north.I am older and have lived in Welland all my life.I know the river has been..well polluted but has gotten much better over the years.My questions are: Why do you not see many people fishing here? Where are the best places to bass fish?Is there a hydrographic topo contour map of the river?Thanks very much.Nice to have someone to ask questions to who knows the area. I met you in Walmart many years ago, in the fishing department, go figure. Haha.Jim

Posted on March 29th, 2019

Hi Jim, nice to hear from you. The Welland River now has good water conditions. If you check the Guide to Eating Ontario Fish you will see that the edibility quality is good! It’s also ideal to fish from a small boat, kayak or canoe since it’s not too wide and protected even in windy weather. I think the reason you don’t see a lot of  anglers fishing it is it can be “on-and-off”. Fish move around in rivers quite a bit and timing is everything. Spring time is excellent for pike just trolling a Vibrax #4 spinner off the weeds/shorelines. Many anglers target big Channel Catfish especially in the spring using dead-bait like chunks of white sucker on the bottom. In the summertime you can catch most of the gamefish & panfish that are in Lake Erie and there are lot’s of carp. I have seldom targeted bass in the river but I have friends that do well catching smallmouth and largemouth bass, especially in the lower sections of the Welland River up from the Niagara River in the Chippawa area. I’m sure there are paper hydrographic charts of the river since they are on the Navionics hydrographic electronic chart on my Raymarine fishfinder..God bless you.

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