Hi ItaloWas wondering if you had any thoughts or have heard anything on this years fall Bay of Quinte walleye run. Ive had days with 10+ walleye and this year weve only caught maybe 10 on three trips from ottawa. I dont know if walleye are in early this year or weather has them not feeding. We are marking fish just not sure there all walleye we got a couple of lakers two days ago. We have caught fish in adolphus up to mid January. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Kevin…I know a lot of the big walleye were in Adolphus Reach as early as late Aug. not sure if all the fish you are marking are walleye. You may want to try trolling in Picton Bay, or even try Hayward Longreach around Sherman’s Pt & around Thompson Pt in the 50′ hole. Maybe a lot of walleye are already in that area on their way to Big Bay…..God bless you, Italo

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