Hi Italotoday I was given a 10’6″ noodle rod with a open face reel on it this is the first time I have had a noodle rod. As all my other setups are baitcasters and spinning rods is there anything I need to do different when setting it up to use it. Your show is always informative and your tips are always a big help. Any tips on this rod will be great.

Posted on July 30th, 2016

Hi John,  thank you for your kind words. The true “Noodle Rod” is a “finesse” rod designed to be fished with 4-6 lb. test. They are normally long to compensate for the light action. The length and flexibility adds torque to the light light enabling an angler to land even large fish.


The drag has to be set properly and to maximize the “torque” when fighting a larger fish, the rod should be held high so that you get the largest “bend” in the blank. You can use it for any fish species but it was especially developed for steelhead fishing in tributary streams where a delicate “drift-presentation” is often required using small baits like roe bags, single eggs and imitation drift-baits with light line…enjoy!

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