Hi ItaloThis year i want to get serious about float fishing in my local tributary, oshawa creek. I am wondering what size hook i should be using to drift small roe bags and pink worms for salmon. My friends tell me a size 8 is good, but as a bass fisherman i feel strange using such a small hook for such a big fish. What range of sizes would you recomend?

Posted on August 22nd, 2020

Hi Edward, you may be surprised to hear that when tributary fishing even for large salmon a small hook is much more effective then a bigger one. The advice you were given is good if you are using a standard size roe bag ranging from dime to nickel coin diameter. A number 8 hook is proper. A smaller hook won’t get hung up on bottom as much and it is much easier to set into a fish past the barb than a larger hook. Also, once hooked a hard fighting fish has a much harder time getting the hook off. If I’m using a large chunk of salmon skeened-eggs (about the size of a golf ball), I go to a number 4 hook…God bless you.

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