Hi Italo,Thanks for the help earlier. I was wondering when fishing for salmon and steelhead do both species eggs work well in spawn sacs? Also when starting fishing and you have no eggs does brands like Mr. Trout eggs, Pautzke eggs and Atlas Chinook eggs work well when fishing for both steelhead and salmon, before you can get their roe.Thanks for all the help,Matthew

Posted on March 2nd, 2016

Hi Matthew, you are welcome. Yes, both salmon & trout roe bags work well all season long. You can use a variety of artificials to catch steelhead that includes; flies, plastic imitation salmon eggs, acrylic steelhead beads, and glass steelhead beads.

20160301 Creekcandybeads

I think you would have better luck drifting with the above than using the the “pickled” eggs or “pickled egg-sacks”. You can also cast lures like the Luhr Jensen Kwikfish in sizes #5 & #7 and a Vibrax #2 & #3 spinner.

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