Hi Italo,thanks for getting back to me on the Grand River ice fishing. I do normally park for five dollars at Fishmasters, but due to Covid and health and safety reasons his marina is now for members only ,since I live in Oakville,and can only get there twice a winter,the cost of the membership for ice fishing is a little pricey for me. Although I do think it’s a great deal for ice anglers that live in and around the Dunnvile area who can take advantage of the great fishing there.Again thanks and God Bless.

Posted on February 11th, 2021

Hi Russ, Thanks for explaining. If you check Google Maps and the Grand below Dunnville, ON.  If you look at the screen grab above, I would encourage you to drive down and ask for permission at either of the homeowners that are marked near the pin-drop. If they know you are a nice guy they may let you part nearby. I have done well fishing about 50-100 yds south of the creek that you can see on the east side of the river. There is a 12’ hole there that should hold walleye. God bless you, Italo

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