Hi ItaloRyan H. with one more question. I was at the holland river all day on my kayak today fishing for large mouth from young street about half way up to cooks bay and only caught 1 fish. I tried froging and flipping all the matts, skipping a wacky under boat docks and casting rapalas in open water. However it just seemed like endless weed matts with no fish. I am having trouble locating largemouth. I have tried deep and shallow. Im not looking for new spots or new lure suggestions as i have already been fishing in scugog and holland river which hold bass . My question is where exactly should i be looking for large mouth in the summer months? What depth?, and what type of cover?, certain type of weeds? most areas i fish on scugog/ nonquon or holland river seem to have some shallow pad/ algae/ weed mats along the shorelines, followed by some vegetation and then a deep channel in the middle of the river or a drop off in the lake, however none seem to be holding many bass. I don’t see anyone else out there catching much either.Also have you heard of any sort of issue with largemouth numbers in southern ontario?Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated as i am stuck!Thank you so much Italo

Posted on July 23rd, 2019

Hi Ryan, I have not heard of any issue with Largemouth Bass in the waters you have been fishing. They should be in shallow-water areas close to deeper water. I know in the Holland River the best largemouth bass fishing is the lower section where it meets Cook’s Bay. As I had said before, flippin’ the suspended cattails and fishing the open areas nearby should produce fish. I have also done well largemouth bass fishing in the Black River (Sutton,ON), and also at Lagoon City, east side of lake Simcoe. Your presentations sound fine, you just need to find an area that has a higher concentration of largemouth bass.

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