Hi Italo,On a show last week you were talking about how smallmouth rarely are found in large pods on deep water lakes, but rather maybe 1 or 2 per location. We are on a deep water Halliburton lake and that is the pattern. I usually run and gun to each of my spots, if nothing in 10 minutes or so I am gone. Is that the right strategy and why is this the behavioral pattern on these types of lakes? Thanks.

Posted on June 26th, 2016

Hi Steve, smallies just seem to be more scattered in “mezo” & “oligotrophic” lakes. Possibly has to do with the clearer water? Over the years that has been my observation. If I am fishing a lake trout/smallie lake and I’m not familiar with it, I’ll often even troll likely looking areas until I hook a fish, than work the general area by casting and usually catch one or two more…God bless you.

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