Hi Italo,My wife and I will be going fishing next week and I had an equipment/tackle question for you.We will be fishing up in Lake of the Woods, so we will mainly be fishing for walleye, but have often times caught pike also. We will be doing a combination of trolling, and drift jigging. I was going to use braided fishing line, and bought some fluorocarbon to use as a leader. Because we will be trolling, and I mainly use inline spinners, what would be the best way to attach my line, leader and spinner to avoid line twist?I wasnt sure if I should attach my braid to the fluourocarbon directly with a double uni knot and then use a snap swivel on the end for attaching my lures/spinners, or use a swivel between my braid and leader?Thank you for your help. I really enjoy watching your program, along with all the tips and suggestions you give each episode. Thanks for all the informative and entertaining programs.- Dan Frankiw

Posted on July 26th, 2018

Hi Dan, thank you for your kind words, glad you enjoy out TV shows and tips. Lake of the Woods has an excellent walleye fishery, especially in the middle/south end of the lake. To avoid line twist definitely use just a good quality ball-bearing swivel that is between a size 10-14 in size (pretty small), to make your connection from the braided line to the fluorocarbon leader. You can use your favorite knot to make the connection at both ends. Also use a small snap-swivel where you will be connecting your trolling or drifting rig at the bottom end for quick changing lures, but especially to help ensure you won’t get line twist close to the lure. Having two swivels should eliminate any line twist. Hope you catch lot’s of fish…God bless you.

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