Hi ItaloMy question is about polarized glasses, i have been told that brownish/amber polarized glasses offer best contrast for sight fishing and are the most versitile, however all the pairs i like only come in a grey polarized lens. My question is will grey polarized still help me see fish and cover or Would i notice that big of a difference from grey to brownish? I fish alot of largemouth shallow bassThanks

Posted on June 3rd, 2019

Hi Ryan, good question. Polarized sunglasses are not just protection for your eyes, but they enable anglers to see through the glare into the water to spot details like weeds, rocks, deeper water and of course fish.

First of all not all sunglasses that are promoted as “polarized” are indeed polarized. I would use a simple test to see if the sunglasses you are interested in are truly polarized. Take two pairs of the same sunglasses that claim to be polarized. Gray or Ambler lens color doesn’t matter. Place one lens over the other so that one is horizontal and the other perpendicular. If they are both polarized, you won’t be able to see through them. If you can see through them, one or both are not polarized.

Now the importance of the color of polarized lenses.  For many inexpensive sun-glass lenses grey lenses even though they are polarized really takes away color and makes things look really dark. A good pair of sunglasses will be strongly polarized and won’t take away the colors, but extenuate them.

You will notice a big difference in seeing detail between the amber/grey lenses if there is low light conditions.  Amber lenses are ideal for low-light conditions like fishing in the rain or with overcast skies. Grey lenses are best for strong sunlight conditions.

I personally use the Maui Jim line of sunglasses in both amber and grey lenses and they are amazing!!

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