Hi Italo,My family will be heading up to a winderness fishing lodge this summer. The hosts highly recommend jig and live bait combinations for the numerous walleye/pike/bass that swim the lake. Basically all you need up here is a few choice lures and leave the mountains of tackle back home. From your experience can you explain this theory why artificials (plastics, twisters , hardbaits) are not taking the lion share of catches in these northern remote lakes and live bait seems to be the ticket to success? Thanks and always appreciate your opinions and helpful tips to make my fishing more enjoyable and productive!SincerelyBarry

Posted on January 12th, 2016

I think the hosts suggested jig & live bait combination because they have worked reliably in the past with their guests which makes sense since that is a good combination for bass, walleye & pike in many northern lakes.  I have been told the same thing when I have gone to many northern lakes, but I have also fished Rapala crankbaits and just jigs & plastic grubs (with no live bait), and still caught lot’s of fish.


I think it would be a good idea if you start by using the jig & live bait combination and than if you hook lot’s of fish start experimenting with a variety of lures like crankbaits, spoons, jigs/plastic grubs, spinner, etc. You can try casting & retrieving, jigging and even trolling and see how you do. I have a feeling if the lake has that many fish you should be able to catch them on the other lures as well.  Hope you have a great trip….God bless you.

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