Hi Italo,Love the show!I was wondering what you think of pink worms for Lake Ontario tributary fishing for steelhead? Are the long thick pink worms better for fishing for steelhead or small thin berkley ones. Also how do recommend hooking them. I have read that having it needled through the line with a exposed hook works very well?Thanks for all the help and i hope you dont mind all the info i am throwing at you at once.

Posted on March 8th, 2016

Hi Matthew, plastic worms in various colors and sized work very well for Great Lakes tributary steelhead. I fish smaller, thinner worms in the 4′ length if I am fishing smaller tributaries with shallower/clear water conditions.


If I fish bigger waters like the Niagara I’ll go right up  to a 6-7″ worm that is the same as the worms used for bass fishing. Colors can be very important.  In big, deep waters I use bright colors like bubblegum pink, orange and yellow. In smaller tributaries my go-to color is white or champagne pink. I hook the worms 3-different ways. If I am fishing slow drifts I hook the worm in the middle (wacky-worm) style so that I have maxim movement when I gently “twitch” my float. In stronger current I hook the worms either by the head (and let the worm dangle), or I also thread the hook through the worm so that the point comes out about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down the worm. The first two techniques gives the worms the most movement as they drift.

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