Hi Italo,Just viewed your latest Walleye jigging show where you showcased the pink jig and the LC Freaky Fish.What color and length was the Freaky FishOne of the products you showed was a rubber mat system. Can you tell me where I can purchase it.Thanks and tight linesFrank

Posted on January 16th, 2019

Hi Francis, the Lunker City Freaky Fish, https://lunkercity.com/products/freaky-fish?variant=8773818253429 I was using was the 4 1/2″ in the Sexy Shiner color. The special mats I have in the G3 are from https://vigurus.com/ . They come in individual mats like the Sp1ke and also rectangular mats that you can use plastic pull-ties to connect to cover a large area…very comfortable!!…God bless you.

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