Hi Italo,It’s so nice for you to help peoplebecome better anglers with yourfishing tips.Today I would like some advice on spring fishing for Walleye on Rice Lake.What is your favourite color on twister grubs and spinner baits for walleye,? In the spring when they are up shallows what size of jig head and spinnerbait should I use..Thank you so much as always.

Posted on April 18th, 2023

Hi Susan, thanks for your kind words. I started fishing Rice Lake in the mid-70’s and got to know the lake really well. Even though there are increased number of anglers the fishing is still excellent there. I have done well over the years fishing “early” Walleye (before many of the shallow areas get chocked with weeds fishing the mud-flats in 5-7′ of water. My search bait was always a #3 spinner (Vibrax or Mepps Black Fury), tipped with a 1/2 nightcrawler and wither cast and retrieved slowly (if there was no wind), or drifting with the wind so that the spinner would be just off the bottom. Some of my most productive locations was out from Bewdley and Gores Landing. Once I found the Walleye I would either continue to fish the spinner/worm or I would switch to jigging a 3″ paddle-tail minnow like the Mister Twister Sassy Shad in pearl/black back on a 1/4 (if not windy),or 3/8 oz. jighead (if windy to keep the jig near the bottom). How you have a great season…God bless you.

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