Hi Italo,Is there a proper way to hook a roe bag that ensures a better hook-up! Some fellow fisherman say you should put the hook through the middle of the bag and out. I have put the hook along the side of the bag so I don’t break the eggs. I hit some fish and lose just as many! From your experience do you have a preferred method that work’s consistently with greater hook-ups?Thanks a lot……always appreciate your valued comments on the sport of angling!

Posted on November 13th, 2015

Thank you for your kind words. I normally try and “sew” the hook along the outside of a roe-bag so I don’t break the eggs to. I always try and make sure the hook is expose and I hesitate when I get a strike just a little bit to make sure the roe-bag is in the fishes mouth.italo_big_steelhead


Also I use a gentle hook-set that puts more torque to drive the hook int eh fish than slamming the rod back which often results in the roe-bag pulled right out of the mouth.

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