Hi Italo,I’m looking at purchasing a center pin reel to pair with my 10’-6” float rod. Have never used a center pin but want to know what is best for this? I watched a video on you tube and it looked like u were using the Rapala STC500B Shift, I see this reel is on sale at Sail right now for 50% off, is this a good purchase for someone new to center pin reels? Also, wondering if u have a rig set up u could suggest for fishing the bronte creek for steelies, Cheers thanks italo,

Posted on April 26th, 2018

Hi Kirk, I use the Rapala R-Type, Classic, Concept Ti and the Shift center pin reels with the matching Rapala drift rods. They are all excellent. The Shift is a very good reel for every level of center pin/drift angler. At 50% off it’s a reel-deal!! (pun intended!)

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