Hi Italo,I’m from B.C and have recently been given a transfer to Sudbury Ont. I’m exclusively a fly guy and wondering if it would still be worth keeping my 17′ Alaskan Wooldridge jet boat that i use on the many steelhead rivers here in B.C?Are there enough steelhead rivers in Ontario where, jet boats are allowed?Tight Loops,Giovanni

Posted on March 31st, 2018

Hi Giovanni, I don’t know of any regulations that would prevent you from using your jet boat in Ontario waters. Can’t really give you advise on whether you should sell it or keep it. We don’t have that many large rivers with rapids and shallow areas in Ontario other than the St. Mary’s Rapids, Sault Ste. Marie (not a big stretch of water), or the Lower Niagara River and some of the tributaries that flow into Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and Lake Ontario. Most of our larger rivers are deeper and can be navigated by traditions outboards or inboards. Most of our smaller tributaries can be fished from shore or by wading.

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