Hi Italo,I’m doing a back country camping trip into the QE2 wildlands at the beginning of September. The lake I’ll be staying on has Walleye and SM Bass. I’m hoping to get into a few walleye. I’m unfamiliar with the lake and will be fishing from a canoe. Any suggestions for areas to look for / target and tactics to use from a canoe? Thanks

Posted on July 26th, 2017

Hi Mike, good choice for a wilderness canoe adventure. Sept., is a good month since biting insects should be minimal and the walleye and smallmouth bass fishing good. I suggest you take a small selection of 1/4 oz. jigs plastic grubs (3″ twister-tails, Lunker City 3″ Shaker and SwimFish swimbaits. Also some hard baits that include; Rapala X-Rap Pop (topwater smallies), 1 or 2 Rapala Shadow raps (twitching for smallies and trolling for walleye with a large split-shot sinker about 24″ ahead of the lure), some 4″ pumpkinseed colored tubes/1/8 oz tube jiheads, and a couple of Vibrax #2 & #3 spinners. That should do it. The smallmouth and walleye should be shallow, along the shorelines. You may get some walleye casting, but you may also have to try trolling to locate them, then fish the area by casting/jigging. You may also want to cast the Shadow Rap right from shore early in the day and at dusk/dark right from your campsite. I have a feeling you will hook walleye then.  Hope you have a great trip….God bless you.

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