Hi Italo,I’m a local Canadian Fosherman and watch your television show all the time. I have always wanted to catch a big Pike or Muskie but have never been successful. I’m 25 and have been fishing all throughout my life, it’s my greatest hobby and enjoy fishing every chance I get. Do you offer any fish alongs or fishing trips? I would love to catch a big fish in a Canada!Thank you for your time,Steven Cornacchia

Posted on June 24th, 2018

Hi Steven, thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoy out TV shows. As you can imagine I have a very busy schedule and really have to limit my outings to photo shoots, TV show production and special appearances. If you are looking to catch trophy pike you really need to fish remote lakes where pike grow large. One of my favorite is Kesagami Lake Lodge, ON where anglers catch & release over 1,000 pike over 40′ in their 3 months of operation. Catching a trophy musky is much tougher and usually required many hours/days of fishing to even have a chance of catching one. Lake Nipissing along with Georgian Bay, Lake St. Clair and the Ottawa River offer some of the best trophy musky fishing in Ontario.

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